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Welcome to Tucson by Night.

I would like each of the players to make up two NPCs. One can be a Mentor, Sire, Childe, or another Ally. The other needs to be a Rival. They need to be of complimentary levels of power. Either similar level to you, higher generation, or no more than two generations lower.

Character creation:

We will be using the system presented in Archons and Templars. It follows as such:

Attributes; 7/5/3 with an additional two that can be placed as you wish.
Abilities; 13/9/5 with an additional three that can be placed as you wish. You can ignore the normal 3 dot cap at this point of character creation.
Disciplines; 5, four of them being in clan, one from anything.
Backgrounds; 8 dots.
Virtues; 7 dots.
Freebies; 18 points.

Additionally, everyone should have (for free and with a maximum value of 1) the Age Background at 1. This provides you with 30 an additional Freebie points, and reduces your starting Humanity by 1.

You can take up to 10 points of Flaws.

Then once that is all spent, you get 75 points of Experience.

Home Page

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