The warlock with the fire.


A small, unassuming old man. He dresses in conservative suits and tends to stay in the background, staring at something only he can see and fiddling with his cane. When people first meet Cam (as he prefers to be called) they frequently think he is addled or harmless. When they meet his eyes, these impressions tend to burn away. Something lurks in those eyes, something dangerous.

Age: 209
Apparent Age: 60
Date of Birth: Nov 23, 1802
RIP: Jan 3, 1864
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue
Race: White
Nationality: English
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 170 lbs
Sex: Male


Sire: Enlil
Childer: Eresh
Ghoul: Anton

Camael was born in London in 1802 to another name. His father was a scholar and maintained a library for the Parliament and nobility. Cam came to love books and knowledge at a young age, and took up a hobby of occult dabblings. He was inducted into a Masonic lodge, and was eventually introduced to some real magic by it’s leader. The local vampires took note of his talents, and several groomed him for his eventual embrace. He walked into his death in full knowledge of what was to come and immediately came to good reputation within the Tremere.
Shortly after his turning, he met a young Romanian immigrant struggling to survive in London. He became immensely fond of Eresh, and embraced her. They lived in London for 40 years, enjoying each others company and pursuing their magical research. Eventually the time came that the Tremere needed them to take on separate traveling assignments, which they agreed to despite their reservations. They tried to meet up every several years, but most of the next century was a lonely time for Camael.
Camael’s journeys took him many places, but in World War II, the Tremere sent him to Nazi Germany to find out what Hitler and the SS were dabbling with. Cam’s trip was very successful, and he made a good friend of a Russian soldier he met. Anton has been following Cam and his blood ever since.
Most recently, the Tremere sent Cam to Tuscon to look into rumors of the Sabbat having Tremere within their ranks again, as well as to investigate some additional rumors of various mystical sources of power in the area. Additionally, Eresh came to join Cam in this search, and they have been very happy to be able to work together for several years.


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