Power Structure

The current power structure of the city is as follows:

Prince: Malice
Seneschal: Chester
Sheriff: Madigan
Keeper of Elysium: Millicent

There are currently only 5 primogen; 4 of the ruling clans, and one representing the unaligned and unrepresented. The sixth member of the council is the Prince, also representing the Malkavians.

Because there are 6 council, any of the disputes of voting ties are broken by a majority vote by the three other ranking citizens; Sensechal, Sheriff and Elysium Keeper.

Here are the positions of the City and their corresponding card representations

Queen: Prince Malice
King: Seneschal Chester
Knight: Sheriff Madigan
Page: Keeper of Elysium Millicent
Ace of Spades: Tremere Primogen
Ace of Clubs: Grimjaw, Brujah Primogen
Ace of Diamonds: Ventrue Primogen
Ace of Hearts: Toreador Primogen
Joker: Godrick, Gangrel Primogen

Power Structure

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