Blood Potency

So I am working on a system to combine aspects of Generation and Blood Potency. Here is the system I am working on.

At character creation, the Generation background is used to determine your starting Generation. Afterwards, the Generation background will remain set, except for gain made when generation is lowered.

Blood Potency is a dotted Advantage stat. It ranges 1 through the number of dots in the characters Generation Background. Blood potency is gained in a few ways. The most obvious is taking a point of blood from a vampire with a lower generation. One blood point is required, and a roll is made of dice pool equal to half of the characters generation. Success on the roll means one point of Blood Potency is gained. 5 or more successes on the roll will mean two dots are gained. When more dots of Blood Potency are gained than the character has dots of Generation, their generation will increase by one dot and their Generation will decrease by one.

A few stipulations on gaining Blood Potency. You can not gain points of Blood Potency from the same Vampire more times than half of Their Generation Background, rounded up. Additionally, the point of blood that would put a character over and therby lower their generation must come from a vampire of lower generation than the one the first will BECOME.

Here is the table to represent the number of Blood Potency needed.

Generation Blood Potency
15 *
14 *
13 *
12 *
11 * *
10 * * *
9 * * * *
8 * * * * *
7 * * * * * *
6 * * * * * * *
5 * * * * * * * *
4 * * * * * * * * *

Blood Potency

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