Tam Christenel

Collins's Constant Companion


Tall, dark and handsome in a broody kind of way, Tam is a frequent companion and business partner to the Giovanni Mrs. Charlie Collins. She has a much closer relationship with him than she does with her other known ghouls, which act in a manner purely related to the security of her home and her business. He has been her retainer for a long time, though few are certain exactly how long.

Tam doesn’t talk much in public, but he is civil, if a bit short, when spoken to. He still has a noticeable Romanian accent and is not completely up-to-date on technology and trends, suggesting he’s considerably older than his 30s-40s appearance would suggest. He is, however, well-acquainted with a ride range of guns.


Tam was a Romanian soldier that should have died during the invasion of Romania during World War I. Collins brought him back from the brink of death on the battle field, where she was exercising her necromantic talents; he was one of several soldiers that became her weapons to wield against her sire, Iago. Tam was the only one who survived the later conflict.

Over the course of the decades they’ve been together, Tam has become about the only living thing she trusts. He is more than a bodyguard; he is also her business partner at Claymore and, often, her confidant. The cool, professional distance she maintains with others is slightly narrower when it comes to Tam.

For his part, Tam is in love with his domitor and has been for a long, long time; he does his best not to show it, as he knows Collins does not approve of such sentiments.

Tam Christenel

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