Talia Szama

Wild Woman


Talia showed up in Nogales in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and most assume she came out from New Orleans like other vampires in the city. However, neither Nicole nor Byron had ever seen her. She has a noticeably thick Southern drawl, but otherwise doesn’t discuss her origins. She is a fearless fighter and her unlife seems dedicated to tearing Sabbat vampires apart, and these traits appear to be enough for Escobar to keep her counsel. She is disarmingly gorgeous and has a distinct feline cast to her features, making it all the more disturbing when she’s soaked in blood.


Talia is an Ahrimane masquerading as a Gangrel. She used to be in a Sabbat pack in the south; her entire pack was decimated except for her during a New Orleans raid and she was left for dead. An Ahrimane found her before the Camarilla did and helped her recover from her injuries, the loss of her pack, and the betrayal she suffered by the sect she almost died for. She was brought over into the bloodline and began rebuilding herself and her humanity with her pack sisters’ help. Then, when Hurricane Katrina struck, a Sabbat pack of Gangrel with a grudge against Talia’s mentor hunted her down and killed her; instead of seeking vengeance, the rest of her pack shied from risking open conflict on the Sabbat and continued with their neutrality — Talia refused to accept it. Gathering around her spirits of grief and vengeance, Talia sought out a likely battleground and, abandoning the holdings she built for herself in deep woods Alabama, she came to Tucson to reconstruct herself and lash out against the Sabbat any way she can.

Talia Szama

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