Serena Teles, the Siren of Tucson


No one knows how old Serena is, or what generation she might be. It is speculated that she is a Daughter of Cacophony, however whenever asked of her clan, or anything else of her past prior to her coming to Tucson she merely smiles in such a way that would melt even the coldest of hearts. It may be that the only person who knows anything about Serena’s past is the Prince, or she may not know anything at all and allows her to make her home here because she just merely enjoys Serena’s calming serenades.

Although she performs her serenades for the prince at times, Serena’s heart is in more modern rock and metal. She has recently been performing at the Rialto theatre and has been attempting to make Tucson a hotspot for rock and metal fans. In addition to her repertoire of cover songs from artists such as Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and many others, she has written a number of original songs as well.

Serena’s performances have a tendency to start massive mosh pits, which she often decides to take part in. True mosh pitters love this, despite the fact that at almost every one of her concerts in which she has moshed at least two people have been sent to the hospital. These people still came to her next concert.

Currently the rumor is that Bjeorn and Serena are seeing each other, and if this is true it is likely due to their coinciding penchant for violence.

Serena Teles, the Siren of Tucson

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