Nicole Jourdannais

Radio Host


Nicole came to Tucson following the devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, along with the Samedi, Byron. The Brujah is a little less overtly physical than her clanmates in the area, but she makes up for her lack of physical presence with her dominant force of personality. She had significant influence in the media back home, but is now working on rebuilding her contacts here in Tucson. She has some minor pull with the newspapers and radio stations.

She is more commonly known by her voice — she hosts an independent radio show that plays jazz at night and reports on local street-level news and promotes local bands and artists. She also has a weekly special called “Wonderland” which, to humans, sounds like an exercise in abstract beat poetry, and, to the city’s Kindred, is an update on the Camarilla politics and gossip happening in Elysium. Her skill with cloaking Kindred society in layers of metaphor and allegory has earned her a position as one of the city’s Harpy.


Nicole wasn’t Embraced all that long ago, but she was an up-and-coming radio host when it happened and had made a lot of inroads and allies that she was still able to access as a vampire. She enjoyed a busy night life, what with helping with managing Masquerade breaches and indulging in Kindred gossip and politics in the Big Easy. She was a household name by the Kindred there within a few short years, having found a way to broadcast Kindred news in enough metaphor and allegory to keep from drawing attention from mortal dangers.

She’s pretty pissed off about losing everything to a stupid hurricane, but she’s doing her best to make lemons with lemonade and do what she did before. Tucson is just as exciting as New Orleans, just in a different way… and one that’s she’s not very crazy about. It also galls her that none of her old allies followed her to Tucson, and, instead, the only familiar face she has here is Byron, and she hates that smelly bastard.

Nicole plays it pretty close to the line with Malice, who is alternately tickled by the Alice in Wonderland descriptions in her show and convinced the Brujah is on the verge of a Masquerade breach.

Nicole Jourdannais

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