Ileana Ochoa

A harmless vampire child, both mentally and physically... or is she?

Nature Demeanor
Survivor Child
Physical (3+1 floating) Social (5) Mental (7+1 floating)
Strength 1 Charisma 1 Perception 5 (Attentive)
Dexterity 5 (Feline Grace) Manipulation 5 (Persuasive) Intelligence 5 (Infinite Library)
Stamina 1 Appearance 2 Wits 1
Talents (13+2 floating) Skills (5) Knowledges (9)+1 floating
Alertness 2 Etiquette 2 Academics 5 (Research)
Athletics 1 Stealth 2 Occult 5 (Koldunic Sorcery)
Awareness 2 Performance 1
Empathy 3
Intimidation 2
Subterfuge 5 (Pretender)
Disciplines Paths Rituals
Auspex 2 Focused Mind (Primary) 5 (Int+Occult) Level 1 (4): Rebirth of Mortal Vanity
Celerity 1 Wind 5 (Per+Occult) Level 2 (4): Craft Bloodstone, Craft Gard
Dominate 1 Fire 2 (Man+Occult) Level 3 (3):
Koldunic Sorcery 5 Conjuring 4 (Int+Occult) Level 4 (2): Ward vs. Kindred
Potence 1 Level 5 (2): Sculpting the Perfect Servant
Combo Discipline: Mystic Sight
Backgrounds Virtues
Occult Library (+3 Dice to Occult dice pools, -2 to Occult difficulties) 5
Contacts 4
Influence 3
Haven 4
Domain 3
Resources 5
Allies 3 Conscience 3
Generation 5 Self-Control 4
Herd 5 Courage 4
Retainers 3 Humanity 6
Status 2 Willpower 7/7
Blood Pool: 14/15
Merits Flaws
Ability Aptitude (Occult -2 to Occult difficulties) Clan Enmity (Tzimisce)
Charmed Existence Child
Discipline Prodigy (-1 difficulty to Koldunic Sorcery) Dark Secret (Tzimisce)
Eidetic Memory Prey Exclusion (unclean)
Enchanting Voice (-2 difficulty to persuade, charm, or command) Compulsion (seek occult knowledge)
Former Ghoul (-1 difficulty to social rolls in presence of neonates, and -1 difficult on rolls relating to vampiric knowledge)
Total Experience Spent Remaining
151 114 37


Ileana has changed her appearance several times since her days in Romania, long ago. While then she appeared as a ten-year-old girl with curly black hair and green eyes, she now sports straight blond hair bordering on white and blue eyes that are almost at the border of pink. In short, she appears to be an albino, albeit one not completely lacking in pigmentation. What she paid for the magical reassignment of her features is unknown.


Ileana has over a hundred and fifty years of practice at pretending to be just what she appears to be–a ten-year-old girl. That she’s a nearly millenia-old vampire with powerful sorcery just makes this scarier.

Ileana seems about as intelligent as her appearance would suggest. That is, she seems silly, inquisitive, and not very smart. The opinion she forms from these interactions guide her further choice of action. If she feels threatened, she is likely to call on Lucio, or her maid Alma, if a lesser threat.

In public, Ileana is always accompanied by Lucio or Alma or both.

Public Image

Publicly, she is known as Lucio’s kid sister, who survived an Embrace-gone-wrong that lead to her current mental state (if the speaker knows anything about her at all). As she has taken every possible precaution to prevent her family from being discovered by the Tzimisce, almost nobody knows more than this about her. Only the Prince and those close to her know that Ileana’s more than what she lets on.

The public also knows about Lucio’s reclusive master, an ancient vampire known only to be an incredible source of occult knowledge. Lucio’s master is known to share his tremendous supply of occult knowledge (and sometimes his library), for a price. Not money–he’s already fabulously rich–but a new piece of knowledge; especially a book he’s missing.

The public image of Lucio’s master is an old and decidedly male vampire. That Lucio’s master is actually Ileana would be a shock of the highest order.


Ileana has a penchant for seeking new occult knowledge. However, due to her eidetic memory and advanced age (and the occult library she has stored in her little head), what she doesn’t know is trending toward zero. This being the case, Ileana would be very interested in any new occult book she doesn’t already possess in her mental library. Particularly if said book related to the creation of Revenants.


Romania–the mid-eleventh century.

Ileana Grigore al Basarab, fifty years old. Still a child by appearance; by her family’s blood. Versed in two forms of sorcery. Dark-haired, green-eyed. A child witch. A prodigy.

A sudden entrance into her study; Father’s early return. His treaty unwritten, a blood war declared.

That night, an assassin. A knife from behind, an eldritch flash. Everyone lies dying. Blood in a puddle on the alabaster floor. A crimson stain, boring a hole between this world and the next. The world fades to red and black.

More black than red.

Just black.

Then, blood. Copper on the lips. Red returns to the world. Followed by the other colors.

The scent of cooking flesh. Expected hunger, then fear when it doesn’t come. The Lord of the castle has returned. The assassin, a Tremere. Probably. Not much left of him now. Nor of Father. The assassin has been thorough. As has the Lord.

A vampire, now. Forever young.

Some would kill for the option.

Some were not trapped in the body of a ten-year-old girl.

Romania–five-hundred years later.

Dracula’s legacy, a stain on the family. A blood hunt begins. The Basarab family must die. The old Lord, now a peer, speaks whispers of coming hunters. A favor, repayment for being too late. Whispers would have saved Father. Whispers will save others, now.

Ileana leads her family into the night, taking with her the small family of Revenants she has gathered to her. The refugees include her many-generations-removed cousin, Lucian Anton al Basarab, her closest servant. She won’t lose them. Not now, not ever again.

The Tzimisce arrive to find an empty house. Abandoned for years, all traces gone. The library empty and bare. The Lord suggests a mistake. The Hunter refuses to believe.

The hunt continues.

Spain–a hundred years later.

The Hunter has been dogged. The escape has taken them through much of Europe. They have been pursued through Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Italy, France, and finally Spain.

False names and disguises have failed them. Clearly, something is tipping them off.

The books. They had taken the books. It is difficult to keep hundreds of books hidden for so long. The hunters have nearly entrapped them several times, following rumors of traveling scholars. Drastic measures are clearly needed.

The books must be burned. Ileana has memorized them–memorized their contents. It will have to be enough.

It isn’t.

The hunters close in. Alin, the youngest, is slain. The Hunter is wounded, but still pursues, and they flee. To the coast, to Sevile.

Ships sail out of Sevile to Havana, every year. One is scheduled this year, but not for months.

A little Domination, and it sails early. The captain is arrested later, but little matter. He dies in a drunken brawl in the cell to a thrall, family protected.

The common belief is that the Basarab family is dead. But the Hunter knows better. He’ll find them. Eventually.

Knowing their pursuers will not rest, Ileana and the family continue, pushing West and then North into the continent. Eventually, they reach Nueva California, later to become the New Mexico territory, then Arizona. A little town called Tucson.


Ileana is tired. Hundreds of years have passed. The family is as safe as possible. She wishes to rest.

Lucian, now past two-hundred years of age, begins to feel the ravages of old age. He requests the Embrace in order to continue his service. Ileana agrees.

A new Prince arrives in town, a Prince of the Camarilla. Ileana and Lucian, now going by Lucio, go to meet with him. What occurs behind closed doors, what deal is made, is unknown, but Ileana and Lucio Ochoa emerge as “Ventrue”.

Tucson–present day.

It has been more than one-hundred and fifty years since Ileana and her family settled in the Tucson area. The world has changed, and Ileana less so. Soon, something will come to town that requires her attention. But for now, she waits.

Ileana Ochoa

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