Bjeorn "Grimjaw" Thorvaldson


Bjeorn was a mortal víkingr of Scandinavia around the 9th century. He was embraced during a raid on another Viking settlement and left by his sire to fend for himself. After his embrace he sought out an old volva, who told him that he had been blessed by the gods. She told him that he was to go and become a conqueror, and that his great deeds would see him brought into Valhalla, and the hall of Odin.

Before he left the volva, and began his path of conquest, she foretold that he would one day find again his path lost, and to return to her when that day should come. Bjeorn began his path of conquest by sacking Irish and English settlements such Iona, but after many years of this decided that sacking foreign lands was too easy and not very good sport, and turned his gaze upon the Jarls and Kings of his own people. Word of his exploits eventually spread to The All High, who sent Brunhilde to test this man’s mettle, and should he prove worthy bring him back to Valhalla where he would join them in preparation for Ragnarök.

It was on the field of battle against a Jarl afterganger like himself that he met Brunhilde. He had slain the Jarl, and slaked his thirst when Brunhilde met him, and issued challenge. The fight did not last long, for Bjeorn by Brunhilde’s standard was still a pup, but she found him worthy, for she had felt the might of Bjeorn’s arm when he struck his first blow, having made the mistake of discrediting the prowess of one so young.

Having been found worthy he was taken before Odin, and was given drink from the All High’s drinking horn as a reward, and bade him join them in preparation for Ragnarök. For centuries Bjeorn honed his skills with the other Einherjar, and each night they drank from the drinking horn.

When Christianity came he fought against it and it was only when The All High told him that he must preserve himself and sleep the sleep of ages so that he would survive the turmoil of the coming centuries that he left Valhalla. When he left The All High gave him his drinking horn, and told him to keep it safe, for he would want it returned to him upon their next meet, and that once he found haven to drink from the horn and it would make him sleep only to awaken when it was again time to prepare for Ragnarök. Bjeorn traveled far from Valhalla so that the enemies of the All High would not find him, and then after drinking from the horn sought haven deep within the earth.

Bjeorn slept for many centuries before awakening, where after he traveled to where Valhalla had stood only to find it was no longer there. The world he had awakened to was strange to him. He had expected Valhalla to be where it was when he left, and without The All High and the Einherjar he was unsure of his path. As the volva had foretold he had again become lost, and so as she had counseled him to do he sought her out, to find that not all things in the world had become strange, and that the volva in her cave underneath the tree had remained seemingly unchanged by the passage of time. He again asked her for her wisdom in what he should do, and the ancient volva told him to go to the west, and that he would know his destination. She said that he would wait there for the coming of battle, and that he would live out the final nights in preparation for Ragnarök by fighting from within a new foe that was blind to the coming Twilight, and a new foe from without that would boast it was a true enemy of the Jötnar, but come Ragnarök would show it’s cowardice and side with the enemy.

Bjeorn arrived in Tucson in 1985. Before his arrival in his travels he came to know of the Camarilla, and the Sabbat, and saw them as the foes he must fight from within, and without, for the Camarilla was blind to the existence of the Jötnar, which they called Antediluvians, and the Sabbat who claimed to be the enemies of the Antediluvians. Understanding what he must do he asked to join the Camarilla of Tucson, offering to help fight against the Sabbat in return for membership.

As a member of the Camarilla Bjeorn has come to understand that speaking of Ragnarök, which they call Gehenna, is greatly frowned upon, but feels it is his duty to prepare them for the coming of Ragnarök. He has done this in part by taking the role of Brujah Primogen within the city, and uses his role to test and train the mettle of those underneath his charge and anyone else willing to head his council and hone their skills of battle.

Bjeorn likes to impart humor to others by telling of the time when he was first learning from Brunhilde how to grow claws. His fellow Einherjar had jokingly said that he must be a Gangrel, because he learned how to see in the dark all on his own by merely watching one of the other Einherjar, but later when he tried to grow claws he wasn’t able to no matter how hard he tried. Later that evening after their battles everyone was sitting at the table in The All Highs hall, feasting and boasting of that “days” exploits. A joke was made at Bjeorn’s expense of how he was a “Gangrel” without claws, implying that he was both impotent in battle and could not accomplish a simple task. Bjeorn took offense at this, though Brunhilde being Bjeorn’s mentor was even more offended as the comment reflected upon her ability as a teacher. Seeing Brunhilde’s reaction Bjeorn was then determined to restore her honor. Whilst both Brunhilde and the Einherjar that insulted both her and Bjeorn tossed insults back and forth Bjeorn began to focus on what she had taught him about growing claws. After a few minutes of nothing happening he gave up and lifted his cup to his mouth for a drink, hoping it would sate his frustration. A moment later the rest of the hall heard a yelp from Bjeorn, and when they looked over they saw that from his mouth jutted rather large canines that didn’t quite fit his jaw. This quieted the arguing and left the hall in an uproar of laughter, as the cup he had gone to drink from was thoroughly impaled by the over sized canines, and was quite stuck in place. It took several minutes of wrenching, howling laughter, and wild jeers before Bjeorn and the other Einherjar were able to remove the cup from his mouth, and afterwards even Bjeorn could do only but laugh at the event that had transpired.

This is what earned him the name of Grimjaw, and inspired him to turn the mishap to his advantage by eventually refining it into what he called Jaws of the World Wolf, which allowed him to transform his jaw into that of something resembling a cross between a man and wolf, and with it a bite so fierce it could cleave through steal with ease. He did eventually learn to grow claws.

Bjeorn never knew his sire, and through this never knew his clan either. Many of his Einherjar companions often commented on Bjeorn’s temper, and how he must be a Brujah for he was always quick to anger, though on the other hand some have said that perhaps his sire was a Gangrel, for the ease in which he learned their gifts, but most agreed Brujah was the more likely of the two.

Though he disagrees with his beliefs, Bjeorn has found in Ragman a great friend. He had at first harbored a dislike for the knight, but has since seen his prowess in battle and his courage in the face overwhelming odds, and now harbors great respect for him. During the Sabbat attack 10 years ago they found each other on the field of battle defending the same front, and through a harrowing night of blood, boasts, taunts, and dares found that they were not so dissimilar from each other, and that both had qualities that the other actually liked and respected. Since that night their friendship has grown, and both have come to realize that they share a similar goal, stopping Gehenna, or at least making a glorious last stand at Ragnarök in defiance of the Jötnar.

Rather than be referred to as Primogen Bjeorn prefers to be referred to as Jarl.

Notable Traits

Strength 6 (The Strength to Impress)
Dexterity 4 (Fast)
Stamina 6 (Tougher than Nails)
Charisma 4 (Big N’ Friendly)
Perception 3
Intelligence 3
Wits 4 (Ambushes)

Alertness 5 (Hearing) Athletics 5 (Dodging)
Brawl 6 (Brawling) Expression 6 (Storytelling)
Intimidation 5 (Overt Threats) Leadership 3
Animal Ken 3 Melee 6 (Axes)
Survival 3 Occult 4 (Norse Myth)

Animalism 3
Auspex 1
Celerity 3
Fortitude 6
Potence 6
Presence 3
Protean 4

Potence Level 6 Powers

  • Relentless Pursuit – Clanbook Brujah page 68

Fortitude Level 6 Powers

  • Personal Armor: Weapons that hit you may break
  • Sensory Shield: Protect your mind from sensory overload and suffer less wound penalties
  • Stand Against All Foes: Cannot be moved from your spot by any force

Combination Disciplines

  • Jaws of the World Wolf (Fortitude 2, Potence 2, Protean 2) Bite attack is strength +3 aggravated damage.
  • Iron Heart (Potence 3, Presence 3) Clanbook Brujah Page — 66 Increase the difficulty by two of all Dominate, Presence, or mind-controlling powers of Thaumaturgy against the Brujah with this power. Spend a willpower point to increase the difficulty by one of all Dominate, Presence, or mind-controlling powers of Thaumaturgy against a subject of the Brujah’s choice.
  • Bear’s Skin (Animalism 2, Protean 4) Wolves of the Sea Page — 70 Must be in a frenzy. Spending a blood point grants +2 dice on all strength and stamina rolls, including soaking damage (even sunlight).
  • Fenrir’s Talons (Fortitude 2, Protean 2) Wolves of the Sea Page — 71
  • Give ’Em Hell (Fortitude 1 or Potence 1, Presence 3) Guide To The Anarchs — Page 159 Select a person and then perform a feat of strength or toughness to grant that person 3 extra dice to any roll involving courage or otherwise defending against fear. Roll Charisma + Leadership difficulty 7, with each success enabling up to three characters to enjoy the bonus.
  • The Badger’s Hide (Fortitude 1 , Protean 4) Guide To The Anarchs — Page 158 Spend a blood point to halve all damage (to a minimum of one) from piercing attacks after soak for the scene.
  • Inspire Greatness (Presence 3, Fortitude or Potence 2) Road of Kings — Page 72 Roll Charisma + Leadership difficulty 7. Each success allows the player to spend one blood point to grant the subject a bonus in performing a feat of strength or stamina for the duration of the scene up to the character’s rating in Fortitude or Potence. Success can be split between Fortitude and Potence, if desired, up to the vampire’s limits. Vampire and ghouls gain dots in the appropriate Disciplines, while mortals game extra dots in strength or stamina, and can even exceed 5 dots. The benefits last for the scene or until the task at hand is complete.

Self Control 5
Courage 5
Willpower 9

Iron Will 3pt.
Destined for Greatness 5pt. Road of Kings — Page 75

Road of Aesirgard 9

Bjeorn "Grimjaw" Thorvaldson

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