Godrick is much older than his youthful appearance would suggest. The tattoos covering his torso suggest origin in the days of the Germanic tribes, but none know for certain; Godrick is even more loathe to discuss his past than the typical vampire. During the Sabbat attack ten years ago, Godrick appeared from seemingly nowhere and aided in beating back the incursion. The Gangrel acted alone, and after the fighting died down, he was brought forward by the surviving city elders to find what he wanted in exchange for his assistance. Godrick asked to be given a seat on the Primogen council and be allowed to speak for the unrepresented clans, and in exchange, he would continue to lend his power to the Camarilla. Alice found the arrangement agreeable, and Godrick now sits on the council as the Joker.

He has a close relationship with the rebel Giovanni Mrs. Charlie Collins that has provoked some interest; rumor has it that Godrick came to Tucson to escape a particularly disgraceful past, and the necromancer happens to have some ghostly intel on the vampire that has him in her pocket. What may be the ultimate result of such blackmail, if it is true, is unknown.



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