Father Fangless

Shepherd of the Damned


The former priest keeps to himself, mostly; his real name is Reese Waltham, but no one calls him that — from his very earliest nights, he was nicknamed Father Fangless thanks to his apparent compulsion to tear out his own fangs as soon as he rises in the evening. He’s disappeared from his old flock and former position; he is still spotted occasionally at different churches at night. He rotates, offering sanctuary and solace to any nightly visitors who come in good faith, vampires included.


The Malkavian psychologist, Jack Jacques, Embraced Reese following the Millennium Invasion. The priest had been a long-time contact of the Kook, and Jack found confession good for the soul. So, when Malice relaxed her Embracing policy following the deaths of many of the city’s Kindred, Father Waltham was Jack’s favorite candidate to get the gift of immortality. After all, the old priest wasn’t getting any younger, and Jack felt he was doing him a favor by giving him eternity to help the souls of his flock.

Reese disagreed. He responded to the Embrace with horror and denial. While not suicidal, he denies his vampiric nature as much as possible. He pries out his fangs, he seldom wields his Disciplines, and he never feeds from humans — he lives off of animals and blood bags. A few of his closest allies in the church have some inkling of what has happened to Reese, and the upswing in church-sponsored blood drives in recent years are not a coincidence. It would not be accurate to say Reese despises his sire that Damned him, but their relationship is certainly tense.

To other vampires, Father Fangless is an understanding, non-judgmental ear. He fights the Beast as much as he can, and tries to help other vampires do the same. He prays for the salvation of not just his soul, but of every vampire in Tucson, and sincerely believes that those who repent can yet be saved.

Father Fangless

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