Erin Cervantes

Vigilante Fighter


Erin is a Spanish-American Arizona native that is the childe of Escobar’s right-hand man in Nogales. She was Embraced within the past ten years, following the Millennium Invasion, but instead of staying in Nogales, she moved to Tucson. Her sire was killed during a Sabbat raid, and Escobar took her under his wing. The common understanding is that, after coming to grips with Kindred existence, Erin’s independent streak led her to get out from under Fernando’s watchful eye. The Duke seems content with this arrangement — for certain, Erin can take care of herself. She’s a rare sight within Elysium, but ever since she’s carved out a domain for herself within the Barrio — a spot no one else really wanted — the crime rate has started suspiciously dropping…


Erin was orphaned as a young girl as a result of violence: her parents owned a corner store that was being victimized by a protection racket, and they couldn’t pay a few times in a row. Erin happened to be spending the night at a friend’s house when her home was firebombed with her parents in it. From that point on, she got shuffled from foster home to foster home, from one crappy neighborhood to another, and trouble and violence always seemed to follow.

As a young woman with a traumatic past and a low opinion of the effectiveness of law enforcement, Erin started taking justice into her own hands and fighting back. In Nogales, she got a little too much attention from a local drug lord whose lackeys she’d gotten off her street. She also got the attention of a Nogales Brujah — a blood-and-honor-styled Rabble who worked closely with Fernando Escobar — who found himself curious and admiring of the woman’s courage and initiative.

Erin was shot to death in her home. The assailant fled while she was gulping her last, but before death claimed her, her sire brought her over and gave her the chance to fight another night.

Erin Cervantes

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