Camael's Sire


Enlil is old, and age is beginning to show even through the false youth of the Kindred. He is utterly devious and has a cruel sense of humor.

Age: 800+ (Possibly Older)
Apparent Age: 40
Date of Birth: Unknown
RIP: Unknown
Hair: Brown (Shaved)
Eyes: Brown
Race: Middle-East
Nationality: Unknown
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 150 lbs
Sex: Male


Sire: Unknown
Childer: Camael

Location: Europe

Camael’s sire is a distant figure, only occasionally contacting Cam. Little is known about his origins, but he embraces rarely, and has an unusual habit of giving his childer new names from mythology.

Note: Camael suspects that Enlil is no longer 7th Generation. He received a promotion within the Tremere; most likely through diablerie. Cam does not know for sure however.


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