Elena Maria de la Vega de Armijo


Elena Maria appears to be in her early teens (exactly what age she’s not sure). She is the stereotypical picture of the fairer sex on the brink of womanhood with her delicate bone structure and petite stature (standing a mere 4’5”). An olive complexion with dark hair and eyes mark her Mediterranean heritage. She moves with the ease of a trained warrior and her punch carriers far more power than one would think.


So you want to know who I am? That’s an interesting question and one that I would like an answer to as well.

Of my mortal years I remember nothing and have only been able to piece together the barest bones of information. I woke up in a crypt in the city of Santiego de Compastello in the Year of Our Lord 1500. The name on the tomb was for a family: de la Vega de Armijo. Bodies were piled higgly piggly in various states and stages of decomposition. You can imagine my shock and horror upon wakening to such a bed. It was the least of the shocks to rock my being.

I count myself lucky that the Cardinal who discovered me and my tattered clothing was a ghoul to city’s Prince. No one in the city laid claim to my Embrace and beyond my clan, Brujah, we could discover nothing.

I was educated, extraordinarily so. The limits of my knowledge were tested by the leading scholars of the city. Latin, Greek, arithmetic, geometry, architecture, philosophy, anatomy, history, physics, geography, astronomy, the sciences of plants and animals came easily to me. I enjoyed talking with the learned men and women of the city and the Elysium was a second home to me.

Of my clan I can only say that I felt a kinship that defied reason. Some of my breathern were nothing more than thugs. They wanted a cause to fight for, but lacking in a cause they were simply angry and petulant. I found myself clucking over them like a mother hen and rising high in the ranks quickly either through respect or fear. My words were backed with my fists and I was cautious to work within the law and structure of the city and Camarilla’s rules.

News, and riches, of the New World poured into Spain in the decades following my Embrace. I was intrigued by the idea of a country filled with people untouched by civilized European learning and Christian morality. I petitioned the Prince to travel to the New World, explore, and report back what I found. Permission was granted and passage on a ship was procured.

Prior to my trip I trained in the arts of physical war. I enjoyed the sword play and found fencing a fascinating challenge in both physical exertion and psychology. Guns and cannons were effective, but loud and slow and useless once ammunition ran out. Tactics came easily to me and I was one of the best at games of war.

I followed Hernan Cortez’s expedition to Mexico and was present for Noche Triste. It was a disaster and that’s all I’ll say on that. I spent my next few decades exploring this New Spain, sending back letters and journals of what I had found. I managed to converse with some of the Aztecs to get a basic grasp of their language, but on the whole I found them less interesting to study than I did the European mortals and Kindred coming over to claim and civilize this New World.

Elena Maria de la Vega de Armijo

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