David Evans


David Evans owns and operates the only all night junkyard and mechanics shop in town, in fact it is only open at night. He is known in kindred circles for fixing up vehicles no questions asked, and reinforcing the structure of vehicles, for safety of course. Additionally the city’s unwanted kindred and mortals have a tendency to end up disappeared in his junkyard, though that is not widely common knowledge.

Few kindred in the state have the tolerance for fire that David has, and those that need welding or cutting done go to his shop. He has a no questions asked policy, you give him the money and he doesn’t ask any questions. He would prefer to not know if the person whom he is dealing with is an unknown member of the Sabbat from out of town, because then he would have to kill them and that just isn’t good for business.

David lives with his ghouled doberman, Butch, who loves to snack on trespassers, and Ashley, his home built flame thrower.

David Evans

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