Bliss Osbourne

Ambitious Harpy


Bliss is a Ventrue in her late teens, the childe of the former Ventrue Primogen, until he was killed in the attack a decade ago. She is a Harpy and has domain over a number of choice feeding grounds, including two gentleman’s clubs and a gothic nightclub. She has Embraced a childe in recent years, Lucas Zephyr, who helps the Camarilla with influencing the airport.


Bliss is the childe of the late Ventrue Primogen, Trevor Vale, and until he was slain in the Sabbat attack a decade ago, Bliss was being groomed for his seat. Trevor and Bliss moved down from New York in the late 70’s, shortly after Bliss was Embraced; rumor has it she was his teenage mortal lover, back when she believed he was just a rich, older man that could appease her expensive tastes, and he fell in love with her and brought her over. He certainly doted on her and appeased her temperamental whims enough to support the story.

Now that Trevor is dead, Bliss is not on the Primogen Council and is bitter about it. She feels the position was stolen from her and is pursuing power with a vengeance. If she were able to be subtle about it, she might be dangerous. Still, she has managed to accrue quite a bit of power and influence in her short time without her sire, even becoming a sire herself with Prince Malice’s permission.

Bliss is still a New York girl at heart and has never quite forgiven Trevor for bringing her to this hick town, but she does her best to operate with her blend of glamour, hedonism and class in mind. She runs a very exclusive, very high-end brothel out of her expansive haven in the foothills. The place is invite-only, and those who have to ask how to get access, won’t. Since her sire died, she has branched out into acquiring two formerly very seedy strip clubs and has had then totally renovated and given a high-class makeover, becoming true gentlemen’s clubs where a beer gut and a trucker hat won’t fly. Her most recent acquisition has been a closed-down club that she has fixed up and turned into a ritzy gothic nightclub, called “Bliss” — of course. All of these businesses are run through the name and accounts of her trusted ghoul, a wealthy, middle-aged software designer named Frederick Hale; Bliss is seldom seen without him. Club Bliss has achieved the status of an Elysium within Tucson, and Bliss has been named a Harpy. She has control over some of the best feeding grounds for discerning younger Kindred, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by those aware of the threat younger Kindred may pose.

Bliss Osbourne

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