Angelo de la Roma

Disgraced Princeling


The stated reason for Angelo’s relocation to Tucson is to help provide some extra security in case of another major attack. What just about everyone understands, including Angelo, is that he has been stripped of his former influence and holdings and dropped here as a punishment alternative to being staked and left for the sunrise — a fate averted only by virtue of his bloodline. Angelo is the great-grandchilde of the Regent King in Phoenix, and rumor is he’s played a little too loose with the Masquerade a few too many times.

He views his vampire status as a ticket to power, money and women, and abuses his powers to achieve all of the above. He has influence with street-level crime such as car theft, street racing, and black market merchandise, and the manufacturing industry, primarily in shipping and warehousing. He’s a self-interested hedonist, and fumes at his reduced status to anyone who will listen.


Angelo was far more promising as a mortal than he ended up as a vampire. He was born into a poor neighborhood and seemed destined for thuggery, but he proved resourceful. He was a smooth talker, a convincing liar, a fearless fighter, and an expert driver, and he went from jacking cars to a hostile take over of one of the biggest gangs in Phoenix. His boldness and his ties to the underworld got the attention of the Regent King’s grandchilde, and Angelo was Embraced.

Then he got cocky. He set up himself up as a dark criminal god and made some messes that Phoenix had to clean up a few too many times. After repeated slaps on the wrist proved to be not enough, he was kicked out of Phoenix, his influence was subsumed, and he was officially made Malice’s problem.

Angelo de la Roma

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