Blood Dance in the Dust Bowl


Nothing could have prepared us for what happened. Never in a thousand years would I have expected a demon, an actual clawed it’s way out of the pit demon to show up at the Accord meeting. In my entire unlife I have never seen one, so I thought that God had sealed them all away. Before I could do anything Lucio, God rest his soul, tried to stop it before it could get away. His death is my fault; I shouldn’t have brought him or any Ancilla along, this was just too much for them. Lucio’s absence leaves behind certain responsibilities, and with no one else they have fallen to me to tend to. Being that his passing is my fault it only seems fitting that I take over his duties.

There was a small silver lining to the entire ordeal. I was managed to kill the demon, or at least destroy it’s physical body, which I hope banished it back to hell, or at the least discorporated it long enough that I will be able to find out more about it before it returns. So far all I have is a name, Thystle.


Yatsko Asmordikai

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